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About Us

Our Programs and Services

The Brain Injury Association of SC (BIASC) has been helping individuals with brain injuries and their families/caregivers in SC since 1998. BIASC is the only nonprofit organization in SC dedicated to supporting children and adults with brain injury. We provide services throughout the state to educate healthcare providers, coaches, athletes, teachers, law enforcement, military about brain injury and the effects brain injury has on the individual as well as their family. It is important that individuals and their families receive education and information immediately following the injury so the person has a better chance of recovery.

Services BIASC provides:

• Through the SC Visibility Project, the BIASC provides a tote bag filled with information about TBI diagnoses, symptoms, services (including support groups, BIASC toll free help line, Medicaid, SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (SCDDSN) to TBI patients and their families at our state's level 1 trauma centers; This project also provides training for law enforcement about brain injury and skills needed when assisting brain injured individuals.

 • BIASC maintains a toll-free helpline and provides resource facilitation, to assure that all persons with brain injuries, their families and professionals are directed to appropriate resources and services.

• BIASC supports ten brain injury support groups statewide by offering financial assistance and training, allowing these groups to provide peer support for survivors and family members as well as participate in social activities. BIASC developed a new Brain Injury Support Group Manual for SC Groups.

 • BIASC provides education through a statewide conference and trainings for survivors, family members, and providers. BIASC also provides training to case managers, counselors, nurses, and other providers as requested by state agencies and private providers.

• In 2019, BIASC began the SC Brain Injury Safety Net Project. The goal of the project is to create much-needed state-wide resources and infrastructure to support children with traumatic brain injuries and their families, schools and medical providers. BIASC has modified the REAP manual to be specific for SC. REAP stands for: Remove/Reduce, Educate, Adjust/Accommodate, and Pace. These are return to learn guidelines following a concussion in school age children and adolescents.

• BIASC provides information about brain injury diagnosis, symptoms, and recovery by exhibiting at education events, and through a website, bi-annual newsletter, email list serve and social media.

• BIASC partners with other states in the Unmasking Brain Injury Project. The main goal of this project is to offer brain injury survivors the opportunity to create their own masks and tell their own story. The masks are displayed in public places for educational and outreach purposes.

• BIASC partners with SC ThinkFirst Injury Prevention Chapters across the state to teach children how to make good choices to avoid experiencing a TBI or Spinal Cord Injury.

• BIASC advocates for brain injury services with the SC legislature by meeting with senators and representatives on issues impacting brain injury survivors and caregivers.

BIASC is the “voice” of brain injury in SC. BIASC represents the brain injury community by serving on many committees and tasks forces in our state. BIASC serves on SC Brain Injury Leadership Council which is our state’s advisory body on brain injury as mandated under SC Law and the federal TBI Act of 1996. BIASC is the only organization in SC who specializes in brain injury and knows what the needs are and the right resources. No other organization provides the support and understanding of brain injury that we do. BIASC depends on fundraising, grants, sponsorships, membership and donations to operate our statewide office and provide our services.

Our Principles

1. Value and Respect the dignity and worth of all people in a true spirit of inclusion.
2. Support individual choices.
3. People with brain injury should have opportunities to be a full participating member of their community.
4. Recognize and support the needs of individuals, families, and their circle(s) of support.
5. Provide rapid, relevant and accessible information.
6. Promote excellence, quality and best practices in all fields.
7. Support prevention opportunities through research, education, and public awareness.
8. Address complex, controversial and thorny issues.
9. Promote progressive public policy.
10. Respond to issues with integrity and courage.

BIASC's Board Officers, Board Members, and Staff


Sherry Caldwell,
Cross Hill

Larry Lucas,

Elizabeth DuBose,

Carolann Newton,

Cindy Swaim

     Board Members

Andrew Gowdown
Mount Pleasant

Anne Iriel

Lucky Jollye
Nichols, SC

Marty Van Dam
Greenville, SC



Joyce Davis, CBIS
Executive Director

Kelli Mills

Katie Zenger, MPH
Safety Net Program



The Brain Injury Association of South Carolina
  121 Executive Center Drive, Ste.135
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  Toll Free: 1-877-TBI-FACT (in-state)
  Fax: 803-681-0096
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