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The Brain Injury Association of America Concussion Page

Resources for School Professionals:

Oregon Concussion Awareness and Management Guide for School Administrators 
Concussion Fact Sheet for Teachers - CDC 

Resources for Coaches: 

SCAT 3- Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 
Child SCAT 3- Sport Concussion Assessment Tool- children ages 5-12 years 
Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool - PCRT 
ACE Concussion Eval Form - CDC - 2011 
SCHSL Concussion Return to Play Form - 2011 
CDC Concussion Handout for Youth Athletes - 2011 
NCAA Fact Sheet for Coaches 

BIAA Concussion Information Center (CIC)

Visit this website to learn more!


REAP Manual

We are excited to announce our REAP Manual a guidebook that helps families, schools and medical professionals develop a multidisciplinary team around the student athlete to help ensure their recovery from the concussion.

R - Remove/Reduce physical and cognitive, or mental demands

E - Educate the student athlete, families, educators, coaches and medical professionals on all of the potential symptoms

A - Adjust/Accommodate for the student athlete academically

P - Pace the student athlete back to learning, activity, and play

Click here to download the REAP manual

South Carolina Student Athlete Concussion Law

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that changes the way the brain normally works. It can happen in any sport or recreational activity. On June 7, 2013, SC's Student Athlete Concussion bill, H. 3061, was signed by Governor Nikki Haley. The law requires school districts in SC to provide information fact sheets on concussions to all coaches, volunteers, student athletes and parents or legal guardians, removal from practice or athletic competition if an athlete has sustained a concussion, and written medical clearance must be approved from a physician before a student athlete can return to play. South Carolina's Student Athlete Concussion Law can be found here.  

Concussion Management Plan Examples: 

Indian Land High School Concussion Management Plan- 2012-2013 
PHS Concussion Management Plan - July 15, 2013 
Lexington 1 Concussion Guidelines - July 15, 2013 
PHS Concussion Management Plan Flow Chart - 2013 
Pre-participation Packet for PHS Athletics - 2013-2014

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